Evertop provides title sponsorship for an Chongming Island event
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      2016 is a remarkable year for bicycle world in China as the world top level female bicycle event "UCI Female Road Cycling World Tour (later known as Shanghai Chongming Island Tour) is held for the first time in Shanghai Chongming Island on May 6-8. On May 2, the work team of Beijing Evertop Tianheng Sports Culture Media Co., Ltd. (Evertop) under Century Sage Scientific Group arrived at the site of the Chongming Island. In addition to providing live broadcasting services for the race, they act as the "title sponsor" as well.


Well known for its high level of live broadcasting capabilities, Evertop is currently the only operator capable of providing world class signal production and live broadcasting services for road bicycle races in China.

      As one of the global matches organized by UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), 2016 Chongming Island UCI Female Road Cycling World Tour is the only the top level tour match of its class held in China, comparable to the already closed Tour of Beijing Professional Road Cycling Race (in which Evertop Tianheng Media also acted as the live broadcasting operator). To meet demand from UCI and many developed countries in Europe for watching this event, Evertop Tianheng Media is invited to provide 3-day live broadcasting technical support and production services as well as copyright localization services at CCTV Sports channel for this match.


      As UCI is quite strict on TV live broadcasting for a world top level match like this, normally such tasks should have been assumed by a cooperative European TV broadcasting team of UCI. However, considering that Evertop Tianheng Media supported and learned a lot from UCI team during the Beijing Professional Road Cycling Race for four years (2011-2014), and gained full trust from relevant international organizations by successfully cooperating with European directing teams in each event, UCI and the event organizers agreed that Evertop Tianheng Media would be the only team qualified for such work in China.


A Chinese leading sport event sponsor with double roles and a resolve to exploit bicycle race market in depth

     "After years of operation, Evertop has gained sport TV program production capabilities comparable to professional European production teams, and our advantages and experiences are even more obvious for operating outdoor events such as marathon, bicycle, triathlon, and cross-country race," said Mr. Sun Qingjun, CEO of Evertop Tianheng Media, when explaining the reason for sponsoring Chongming Island UCI Female Road Cycling World Tour. "Hence, we consider it necessary to combine our advantages with top matches to boost media promotion of bicycle race and other outdoor sports and to create copyright and sport marketing products with international competitiveness. Attractive matches can be excellent marketing channels, which, once carefully planned and packaged, will lead to high popularity. Cycling is in the eve of leap development as a popular sport in China, with millions of cyclists ready to set off every day. Feeling this great passion, we expect more in-depth cooperation with high-quality matches. It will be a natural step for us.”


Next step: Cooperate with top level matches to build quality sport TV IPs.IPCreate new profit-making models through copyright cooperation and match marketing.

     Backed by Century Sage Scientific Group, Evertop Tianheng Media has gained a wealth of resources in international sport media industry through years of operation in domestic and foreign radio & TV industry. With leading program production capabilities, Evertop Tianheng Media delivers quality sport event programs to foreign customers.

     "In Europe, cycling live broadcasting programs are very diversified, " said Mr. Sun Qingjun, CEO of Evertop Tianheng Media, talking about next development step of Evertop. "Besides live broadcasting, all sorts of event information is provided. This, together with cultural and entertainment activities organized by the organizers and sponsors, turns a road bicycle race into a fantastic cultural gathering. Live coverage for a bicycle race allows a city or even a country to show its most attractive folk custom, culture, history, and environment to the whole world. In this sense, a road bicycle race is rather like a grand performance. In addition to integration of relevant resources for program IPs and production of sport TV programs with international competitiveness, Evertop will make use of advanced production technologies to greatly improve the ability of domestic bicycle races to create sponsor rights and their market potential. The company is also shifting its position from a pure sport media content provider to a sport IP integration and packaging operator with complex market development functions."


      What can we expect from 2016 Chongming Island UCI Female Road Cycling World Tour that has been packaged by Evertop? Please follow the live coverage of CCTV-5 at 14:00 on May 6, 14:00 on May 7, and 16:00 on May 8. Also, please pay attention to the performance of Evertop, the only integrator of sport media industry and sport marketing operations in China.