20 years experiences in sports live broadcasting industry

In the autumn of 2014, the State Council issued Opinions of the State Council concerning Accelerating the Development of Sport Products and Promotion of Sport Fire Protection, explicitly stating the development target of sports industry in China, i.e. reaching a total sports market value of RMB 5 trillion by 2025.

According to the data provided later by General Administration of Sport of China, the total scale of sport industry in China is already approaching RBM 7 trillion. The huge population base, rapid increase of sport consumption, and the gap with advanced countries in terms of average sport consumption together create a tremendous sport market in China. A number of new players of sport industry as well as domestic leading enterprises are all entering this market.

The Group has made great and remarkable achievements in the field of major sport events, and accumulated irreproducible sport resources. Beijing Evertop Tianheng Sports Culture Media Co., Ltd. under the Group will make continuous efforts to develop sport projects and operate sport events, aiming to further expand the business in sports sector. Bearing in mind the great dream of building a stronger nation, we will carry forward the spirit of sports and boost sports cause!

Live Broadcasting Production Service

Evertop deals specifically with TV program production, operation, and technical support by introducing advanced international operation and management concepts into China and putting them into practice. In recent years, Evertop team has maintained favorable and close cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign sports and media partners, including such as OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services), GAB (Guangzhou Asian Games Broadcasting), UCI (International Cycling Union), ISB (International Sports Broadcasting), Shanghai Media &Entertainment Group, Canxing Culture, ZJTV, JSTV, and HNTV. Such cooperation allows introduction of the latest and most efficient production methods and operation concepts for large omnibus sports and variety TV programs into China.

Sports Event Operation

Evertop, with over 20 years of experiences in the field of sport event live broadcasting and relay program production, has gained abundant resources and advantages. On the basis of existing strengths, Evertop will further expand its business scope to include event IP organization and operation and to build a complete business chain that covers the whole sport industry. 

Sports Sponsorship Investment

A great quantity of quality sport event cooperation resources have been accumulated by Evertop through many domestic and foreign business operations. Integration and packaging of such event resources will enable Evertop to provide consultation and services concerning sport event sponsorship and investment for different organization committees of cooperative events.

Event Copyright Promotion

With access to broadcasting platforms provided by a great number of cooperative media in both China and foreign countries, including NBC, CBC Television, France TV, Fuji Television Network, CCTV, BTV, QHTV, Tencent Sports, Sina Sports, and LETV Sports, Evertop offers live broadcasting and relay program production services to event organization committees and IP holders. The services made available to cooperative organization committees also cover foreign copyright promotion and localization of relevant events.

Sports Program Planning

With rich experiences in sports content production, Evertop provides planning and production services for various sports and sports related programs, including entertainment sport shows, sport events open to the public, and sports reality shows. The international production team established by Evertop has also won great praise among industrial partners.