Evertop successfully completed the final task in 2015: broadcasting for Fuzhou M
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  At 7:30 on December 20, 2015, the first session of Fuzhou International Marathon (Fuzhou Marathon) was started at the Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center surrounded by beautiful views . This race attracted 15 thousand runners from 9 countries and regions. CCTV and Fuzhou TV provided live broadcasting throughout the event, and the mobile signal transmission task was assumed by Beijing Evertop Tianheng Sports Culture Media Co., Ltd. (Evertop).



      Evertop brought profession equipment to the site including "wagons" (pure electric mobile videotaping automotives), motorcycles, and an aerial helicopter as well as a radio signal transmission & receiving system covering the whole track, thus ensuring successful broadcasting of the event.

      With rich experiences gained during broadcasting of domestic and foreign marathons in a dozen of cities, Evertop sport team reached a more professional level during this Fuzhou Marathon, and adopted a perfect combination of "pure electric mobile wagons and 5-axis gyroscopes" as the following shooting equipment, which represents state-of-the-art technologies for long-distance event live broadcasting in China. Compared to traditional wagons, pure electric vehicles are quieter and more environmental-friendly without causing acoustic disturbance to athletes and much exhaust. These vehicles work in conjunction with 5-axis gyroscopes to ensure stable and brilliant marathon images during broadcasting.

      For Evertop, 2015 marks a year of transformation, and Fuzhou Marathon brought a successful close to this year. The sport team of Evertop is now ready to embrace the new year and new challenges. We are fully prepared!