Evertop won the bid for 2016 Tour of Qinghai Lake: Getting ready for a new peak!
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      Beijing Evertop Sports Culture Media Co., Ltd. (later known as Evertop), after providing live broadcasting services for Tour of Qinghai Lake for two consecutive sessions in 2014 and 2015, was selected again as the official live broadcaster in 2016. In the beginning of July 2016, Evertop successfully won the bid for second and third part of live broadcasting technical service sourcing project for 2016 Tour of Qinghai Lake, i.e. live broadcasting services for two stages: from Qinghai Lake to Gangcha and from Qilian to Qingshizui.

      Founded in 2002, International Road Cycling Tour of Qinghai Lake (later known as "Tour of Qinghai Lake") has been classified as a global 2.HC race and sees its fifteenth session this year. It is recognized as a top level multi-day road bicycle race in Asia, and also the international road race with the highest elevation in the whole world. It is well known throughout the nation as a pearl among all domestic road bicycle races due to much government and media attention, high altitude, and beautiful scenes along the routes. Every July, top bicycle teams from around the world gather here, and a lot of bicycle fans and visitors are also attracted.



      The Tour of Qinghai Lake this year will start on July 17, and consist of 13 stations, among which the first, fifth, and seventh stations will be broadcast by CCTV Sport channel through programs produced by QHTV. Thanks to the success in completing broadcasting task for the first station (race around Xining) during Tour of Qinghai Lake last year and a special quality technical broadcasting solution prepared for this project, Evertop was selected as the broadcaster for two most scenic, highest, longest, and most difficult stages in this year's event: the stage from Qinghai Lake to Gangcha and that from Qilian to Qingshizui. After Beijing Professional Road Cycling Race, Tour of Hainan, and Chongming Island Tour, Evertop again won the chance to broadcast top level international road bicycle race in China.



      Currently, Evertop is making intensified and systematic preparation for Tour of Qinghai Lake. We believe that we will bring the most beautiful and consistent images of the event to customers and the audience through unrelenting efforts.

      Please pay attention to Tour of Qinghai Lake, CCTV-5, and Evertop!