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Evertop Profile
Beijing Evertop Sports Culture Media Co., Ltd. (Evertop), as a member of Century Sage Scientific Group, is always committed to providing Chinese customers with complete one-stop services of international standard including all-media sporting event relay, production, and media copyright promotion. Established in 2011, the company has a registered capital of RBM 23.50 million. Our team members have top industrial experiences for over 20 years, which lead to great strengths and advantages in the fields of media content production, technical support, equipment R&D as well as sport event packaging and copyright promotion.

     With a great focus on outdoor sport events, Evertop is devoted to providing high level and quality event relay and production services. Starting from Beijing Professional Road Cycling Race, we have established cooperation with leading European teams, and learned world most advanced technologies and experiences, thus positioning us as an industrial leader. Evertop has set up a service team consisting of both domestic and foreign members with complete outdoor event technical support and production functions. This team, unique and unparalleled in China, has gained much practical experience from a series of top-level outdoor professional matches in China, including Tour of Qinghai Lake, Tour of China Road Cycling Race, International Tour of Tour of Hainan, Fuzhou Yongtai Bicycle Tour, Shenyang Marathon, Hangzhou Marathon, Ningbo Marathon, Xichang Marathon, Changsha Marathon, Chengdu Wenjiang Marathon, Zhejiang Marathon, Zhoushan Marathon, and National Stadium Marathon.


In the future, Evertop will further strengthen its position in the production field while developing more production and relay technologies and solutions for various sport events with its strong technical R&D capabilities. The top-level team will continue to bring more quality content and match-watching experiences to more domestic and foreign sport event organizers, media platforms, and sports fans.

  • 2012 Annual Science and Technology Innovation Award by State Administration of P
  • 2012 Science and Technology Innovation Award by China Radio & TV Equipment Indus
  • 2013 Science and Technology Innovation Award by China Radio & TV Equipment Indus
  • 2015 Science and Technology Innovation Award by China Radio & TV Equipment Indus